So what is this all about…

I started playing Dungeons & Dragons in 1977, and I’ve been running Role Playing Games, including D&D and branching out, since ’79. I currently run two bi-weekly D&D games, one with my wife and children, and a weekly non-D&D game (currently West End Games’ “Ghostbusters RPG”) on Thursday nights. After each game, I spend some time thinking about the most recent game, what I learned from that session, and where to go next. 37 years of DMing and GMing, and I’m still learning.

I was thinking that if I was still learning, so then must most DMs be… so it might be of some benefit to share information. Since I don’t live stream my games or post them on YouTube (for reasons), I thought that it might be time to start a blog and actually try to keep up with it… if for no other reason than to give myself an outlet for free-writing my thoughts. I watch a lot of DMing videos and live-streamed games — which I will address in a blog post at a later date — but for the most part there is only so much interaction to be gained from them.

This is not my first blog. The first was more or less a catalog of my game world (replaced with a wiki) and the second a blog for 5th edition enhancements and house rules (which quickly fell to the wayside when the DM’s Guild appeared). In order to make a blog worthwhile (and one to hold my interest), it had to be something that had some intangible benefit to me as well as anyone who visits it. So… the Dad DM was born. If you’re reading this, please take a moment to say “hey”… I’d love to hear from you.

-Ed Robinson, DM Dad